Private Brand

Manufacturing and sales of private brand merchandise(Brand naming, Pricing, Packaging, Display). The brand {Me.} {With Me.} is sold almost in about 500shops, including departmental stores and mass retailer to a wide range of ages.

{H-bijouterie} is a bridal jewelery brand which just started.

Field that the Company does best is OEM business. Arranged Japan and production bases in China, Dalian, planning > Design > produce a consistently can be, and is one of the few manufacturers in the country. Then we will develop together the original jewelry only your.

Our Brand


「H-bijouterie」is a Bridal brand with a concept of [HEUREUX]x[HERITAGE].

As well as { Connecting happiness and feelings} are the themes for the engagement rings and marriage rings.

「Me. luxe」is a sister brand of [ Me.] As from the brand name 「Luxe」, its a brand jewelery made of gold and platinum. Luxurious, Elegance and Subtle design lines giving a womanly look is a theme of this brand.


“me.”is a jewelery brand where the plannings and designs are done inside the company. As the name {Me.} me, myself is a concept for this brand with a soft line womanly designs.

with me.®

Private Brand 「with me」 was launched in the year 2005.

[cuteness] was the concept for this jewelry for couples of pair rings and pair pendants. We have this brand merchandise in almost about 300 stores.