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Lucky Co., Ltd was established in 1937 and has a long history of 76years. We are here with a long journey of 76years are with the help and trust relationship with all the bussiness partners and the clients. I will bring up the company which can conclude much more stronger relationship of mutual trust.

From the past history ,we have our own company policy of 4C~Change, Challenge, Confidence, Creation~which is very important to us. Additional to this we have two more C of Communication and Collaboration with total of 6C. On the base of these 6C we are planing to continue our growth stategy.

Jewellery is not very essential to living, but I believe in the feeling of happiness and satisfaction achieved by jewellery when bought or received and well as the human relationship made through jewellery. I am looking forward to share the happiness and smile in people brought through the process of manufacturing jewellery. and the smile on people through

Jewellery market, culture and fashion creation is our aim.

Lucky Co., Ltd
President Mochizuki Naoki