Open Factory

YAMANASHI Prefecture, well know for its Jewelery industries.Our company was established in 1937 and has a long history and tradition in Japan. In the year 2006, we acquired prime {aaa} via worldwide authoritative rating company Standards & Poor`s (S & P). The techniques of skilled jewelery craftsmans ,designers and the factory is opened to general public where various kinds of new products are produced.

Jewelry is a local industry of Yamanashi. This factory was founded in 1937.
Get the Standard & Poor's corporate evaluation [aaa], we will continue to develop Zamazama products ceaselessly of inherited jewelry craftsmen are tricks and the factory of equipment as general public also opened factory.


A big entrance welcomes you with designs papers displayed on the right side of the wall .On the left side after the entrance, cubic zirconia are paved on the stairs.

Floor 1

On the wall about 40,000pcs of mould are displayed.

Please experience our history of jewelery on the walls.

Tour experience

Experience your only handmade jewelery.