OEM(Original Equiptment Manufacturer)

OEM is the most elated field of our company. The whole manufacturing process is done in between Japan and Dalian,China. Plan proposals and designs, mould making are done in Japan as well as the mass production of the merchandise is finished in Dalian . Its a very few company that has this kind of production process throughout the country. Lets produce just your original jewelery together.

Jewelry is a local industry of Yamanashi. This factory was founded in 1937.
Get the Standard & Poor's corporate evaluation [aaa], we will continue to develop Zamazama products ceaselessly of inherited jewelry craftsmen are tricks and the factory of equipment as general public also opened factory.

Working process

Working Process
・Project Meeting(Designer, Salesman)
・Drawing Design patterns
・Mould making
・Mould checking
・Start manufacturing
・Merchandise complete
Delivery date is about a month.
Please feel free to contact for the cost and the MOQ

Case Studies

For Example:

A) Apparel Company: Sales of Apparel brands and development of new jewelery brands.
B) Financial Company: Novelty goods presents for memberships - small necklace pendants (10,000pcs)
C) Entertainment Production Company: Concert novelty goods - mobilephone strap goods (5000pcs)
D) Department Store: Distribution goods to visitors - Necklace (3000pcs)
E) Publishing Company: Tie up with models for original jewelery .
F) Jewelery retail shops original brand jewelery.

OEM material share

Suppliers share