The whole process from project planning, designing, manufauturing to provide merchandise is a wholesale business. We have developed a system where you can check our stock timely online to fulfill your needs. It may help you to expand your items repertory, So please feel free to use this system after registration

Jewelry is a local industry of Yamanashi. This factory was founded in 1937.
Get the Standard & Poor's corporate evaluation [aaa], we will continue to develop Zamazama products ceaselessly of inherited jewelry craftsmen are tricks and the factory of equipment as general public also opened factory.

Wholesale merchandise share

Apparel Company:

Sales of Apparel brands and development of new jewelery brands.

Financial Company:

Novelty goods presents for memberships - small necklace pendants (10,000pcs)
Entertainment Production Company:

Concert novelty goods - mobilephone strap goods (5000pcs)
Department Store:

Distribution goods to visitors - Necklace (3000pcs)
Publishing Company:

Tie up with models for original jewelery .
F) Jewelery retail shops original jewelery.


SCM (Supply Chain Management)

SCM (supply chain management)

In the steps of the flow of commodity, such as manufacturing, distribution, retail sale etc. This is the system in which we share the consumers information and quick respond to the needs in preventing the vendible commodity from being out of stock and reduce the maker and retailers left stock to rise the consumers satisfaction.